Summer weather in El Paso is hot, so if you’re looking to add a room or convert an existing space, a ductless AC system may be your best choice. Ductless mini-splits are an attractive alternative to cumbersome central air conditioners and noisy window units. You’ll experience a variety of benefits when you choose a ductless split system for your basement build-out, media room, room addition, garage conversion or whole-home application.

Exceptional Efficiency

Ductless AC systems use cutting-edge inverter technology to regulate the operation of the compressor. In mild weather, the compressor runs at a lower speed to save energy. As the outdoor temperature climbs, the unit ramps up to ensure your family stays cool no matter how hot it is outside. Ductless mini-splits are available in efficiencies up to 23 SEER, which is better than any ducted AC system that’s currently available.

Flexible Installation

Conventional central air conditioners must be connected to inflexible, unwieldy ductwork to properly deliver conditioned air. Duct installation is costly, and design compromises are often made to accommodate the ductwork.

In contrast, a service technician will place a ductless air handler inside the room itself and only requires a single 3-inch hole in an exterior wall. In fact, a service technician can complete the majority of ductless installations in just one day.

Better Comfort and Lower Noise

Each ductless mini-split system has its own air handler, so you can tailor the zone it serves to the occupant’s preference by adjusting a dedicated remote control thermostat. Since the sound of high-velocity air movement is eliminated, ductless systems are much quieter than conventional central air conditioners.

Forget about the leaks, loose connections and poor workmanship that often accompany big, bulky ducted AC systems. Cool any room in your home with a stylish, efficient ductless mini-split. If you need to air condition a single room or an entire building, you’ll want to explore the many advantages of going ductless. Contact The Home Services Heating & Cooling in El Paso to learn more.

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