A new home in El Paso, Texas, with modern amenities would have sounded like science fiction 50 years ago. However, yesterday’s science fiction is becoming increasingly common in today’s world of technology. Wi-Fi thermostats are just one example of how new technologies are enriching our lives.

Adjust Your Home’s Temperature From Your Phone

Imagine that you need to stay at work to catch up on some tasks. Perhaps your spouse called and wants to take you out to dinner. Either way, you’re going to be home a few hours later than normal. A Wi-Fi thermostat lets you quickly adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world via an app on your phone, so you don’t have to choose between wasting electricity or driving home.

Monitor Your HVAC System’s Operational Efficiency

Some Wi-Fi thermostats provide alerts when your system isn’t operating at peak efficiency. While nothing beats a comprehensive inspection by an experienced service technician, these new thermostats can help catch problems days or weeks before you’d otherwise notice. In the event that there’s a problem, a detailed error code can help pinpoint the issue more quickly and keep your repair bill low.

Protect Your Pipes, Pets and Plants From the Cold Snaps

Here in El Paso, we’re no strangers to cold snaps during the winter. If you plan on traveling for a winter vacation, a Wi-Fi thermostat will let you turn the heater on instantly from New York, Paris or New Delhi. You’ll never have to worry about pipes bursting, pets getting sick or plants dying inside a freezing home.

Save Money Each Month With Lower Energy Bills

Homeowners used to have to choose between comfort and saving money, but Wi-Fi thermostats provide both. New setback algorithms adjust to your travel habits and individual preferences minimize energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. Since they provide more control than any other type of thermostat, they’re one of the single best upgrades you can make to your home.

Are you interested in upgrading your home’s thermostat to a Wi-Fi model? Contact The Home Systems Heating & Cooling today for expert installation.

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