Are you looking for comfort control, lower cooling costs and convenience? A ductless system offers all three. But is a ductless system right for your Las Cruces, New Mexico, home? To help you decide, we’ll discuss three points to help you decide whether a ductless AC is right for you.

Enjoy a Faster Installation

Installing a traditional HVAC system is a complex and lengthy process when you need to add ductwork. On the other hand, a ductless AC system is much faster to install. For a small home, a service technician can complete a ductless installation within a day. If you’re adding onto your home, a ductless AC system will cost less than extending your current ductwork, making it a good choice.

Save Space in Your Home

A big benefit to a ductless AC system is its size. Central HVAC systems are often large and bulky, and window units are obtrusive. A ductless system only has two parts: the indoor air handler and the outdoor compressor/condenser. You can connect one outdoor unit to up to four indoor air handlers.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Keeping your home cool can be a huge financial burden. With rising energy prices, it may seem that your bills will never stop climbing. Fortunately, a ductless AC system is a far more energy-efficient option than window air conditioners or space heaters.

The indoor units of a ductless system are managed separately if you’re using multiple systems. As a result, you can turn off the air conditioning in empty rooms while still enjoying the comfort of cool air in whatever rooms you’re currently occupying.

Ductless AC systems use a variable speed compressor that continually adjusts to keep your home at its desired temperature. Most other AC systems, in comparison, have a one or two-speed compressor that must switch on and off to keep your home comfortable.

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