Your HVAC system is at the heart of your home comfort, especially when summer comes to El Paso, Texas. Keeping it in peak performance makes sense for not only your comfort but also energy savings. Conducting some simple HVAC maintenance tasks will help keep your system running properly for years to come. Here are two that every homeowner can complete:

Keep Your Condenser Clean and Clear

The condenser is that part of your AC unit that sits outside next to your house. Its function is to compress the AC refrigerant, cooling it, venting the heat from it into the surrounding air, and returning it back into your home. Because the condensers sits outside of your house, it may be out of your thoughts most of the time.

Since condensers regularly push out hot air, it’s dangerous for anything to be nearby that could obstruct that flow. Ensure that there isn’t any debris on the condenser or anything too close to it, like clinging vines or other plants. Don’t try to clean anything inside the condenser; a professional should complete that task.

Replace Your Air Filters

Like your condenser, your air filters are out of sight. But you shouldn’t forget them. The filters help remove materials in your home’s air that can cause your AC unit to malfunction or create health problems for your family.

High-quality air filters can remove very fine particles. But not all AC units are designed to use advanced filters. Check your AC unit requirements and replace filters per the instructions. You should change your filters every 30 to 90 days to ensure efficient operation and prevent poor indoor air quality.

Most DIY homeowners can complete the aforementioned tasks. But you should call The Home Systems Heating & Cooling at (915) 858-4141 for advanced HVAC repairs and maintenance. That way, you’ll avoid damaging your HVAC unit and incurring expensive repairs to make it right again.

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