Replacing the heater in your La Mesa, New Mexico, home is a big investment. But it can help you save energy and make your family members more comfortable. A new HVAC system can also let you enjoy a variety of convenient features and increase the value of your home. If you have an older model, hear strange noises or your home feels uncomfortable, you might need new heater.

An Older Heater

Most heaters and heat pumps only work for around 15 years. If your system is older, you can conserve power by having an upgrade installed. You can also prevent inconvenient, costly and uncomfortable breakdowns. A new heating system can even pay for itself over time through lower utility bills. You can find out how old your system is by checking the owner’s manual or locating the model number and contacting the manufacturer.

Strange Noises

If your heater is close to a breakdown, you could hear grinding noises from a failing motor. A loud clanging or banging sound could mean your furnace’s burner isn’t lighting properly. If gas builds up in the ignition chamber, it can cause a small explosion when it lights. This can expose you to carbon monoxide. Therefore, it’s best to have any strange noises checked by an HVAC professional right away.

An Uncomfortable Home

A problem with your heater could make getting warm air to every part of your home difficult. If your utility bills keep rising, home feels chilly and heater stays on longer than normal, you likely need a new system. You might also notice an unusual smell, rust on your heater, and asthma or allergy symptoms stemming from poor indoor air quality.

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