It’s normal for air conditioners to make a sound when they’re running. Even the hushed modern models are not completely silent. However, if you notice a strange noise that you don’t usually hear, it can indicate a problem. Learn about three common noises that can alert you to a problem with the air conditioner in your El Paso, Texas, home.


A clanging noise means something, like a screw, bolt or part, is loose somewhere in the system. A rattling noise can mean debris, like stones or twigs, are stuck in the outdoor condenser unit. Call an HVAC service technician to locate the source of the noise. If a bolt or part is loose, it’s best to have a pro put it back where it belongs or replace the broken part. Otherwise, you risk further damage to the air conditioner.


A buzzing noise typically indicates an electrical issue. Don’t attempt to fix an electrical problem yourself as it can be dangerous. Turn the air conditioner off and contact a licensed HVAC contractor to send a service technician to inspect the electrical wiring. Remember, trained HVAC service technicians have in-depth knowledge of HVAC systems. They carry the proper tools to safely work on these complex systems.


If you hear a hissing noise, don’t overlook it. A hissing noise usually means refrigerant is leaking somewhere along the refrigerant line. This is a job for an HVAC service technician. Refrigerant is a toxic chemical and harmful to humans. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, it should be fixed as quickly as possible. Not only is it hazardous. But once all the refrigerant runs out, your air conditioner will no longer produce cool air.

You should never ignore strange noises coming from your AC unit. While some are minor, others are serious and can be life-threatening. Always hire an HVAC expert for air conditioner repairs. At The Home Systems Heating & Cooling, our trained HVAC service technicians will quickly identify the noise and fix the problem. Contact us at (915) 858-4141.

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